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How to enter results on the website

The following instructions are for entering results that are not produced from SI downloaded data.

Entering Results on the web site

1. Log in to the web site.
2. Enlarge your browser window to ensure it fills the full screen.
3. Click the event option on the left hand menu.
4. Towards the bottom of the event page is a heading - Pages in Category “Event”’. This lists all the events that have been entered into the web site. It lists them according to their date. If you are looking for an event held on 27 February 2009, the event will be under the heading – Event:20090227.
5. Click on the event to open the event page. If this is the event you want, remember the event number.
6. Click on the Results line on the menu on the left of the screen.
7. Click on the link on the third line – ‘to add results simply click here’
8. You are now on the Results Form page. Type the name of the results page in the box. This should correspond with the name on the events page. In the case of the event on 27 February 2009, the name is – Result:20090227
9. Left click the add or edit button
10. You are now faced with a simple form to fill out. Type the map name and the event date in the first two boxes. Add a gratuitous commentary in the Commentary box.
11. If you have put the event on Route Gadget, copy the event number from Route Gadget into the Route Gadget box on the results page. We’ll be writing an instruction page about Route Gadget.
12. To insert a table of results, utilise the Excel to Wiki convertor to format results from Excel. You will need to have this open in a separate browser window. Write your results in an Excel spreadsheet. Copy & paste the excel cells into the box on the converter page. Click the ‘submit query ‘ button.
13. The page will now show a lot of text under the heading – Results. Copy all the is text and paste it into the ‘Free Text’ box of the results form you have been filling in.
14. Click the ‘Save Page’ button at the bottom of the screen.
15. There, its should be all done. The results page should give clickable links to the event page and the map details.

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