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Lyell Forest South
Map type: bush

Information for course setters
Terrain: spur gully
Event suitability: State Series
Scale: 1:15,000
Area: 9 sq k
Map History
Photogrammetry Chris Wilmott. Fieldwork by a team of Bendigo Orienteers. Checked by Alex Tarr. Drawn by Pat Thwaites. Printed 1993.
Current Accuracy: Mapped in 1993, occasional track updates since then. The vegetation is stable and the track network is sparse and stable.
Map Stocks: Offset stocks of printed maps remain. Available on OCAD.
OCAD File: OCAD files

Important information for organisers:
Land Manager: Parks Victoria
Land status: Part of the Pilcher's Bridge Nature Conservation Reserve.
Permit conditions:
All permits from Parks Victoria or DSE require all vehicles to be parked on tracks and prohibit fires except in designated fire places.
Special permit conditions: Ensure no parking off tracks. Animals must remain on a leash.

Recommended assembly areas:

Event history:

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