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Map: Myers Creek

Event details: Event:20080705

Commentary: A difficult course in well known terrain. Derek removed tracks from A and B maps and placed the control flags very low. This meant runners needed to read their control description and navigate carefully to the exact feature using only contours. Many people made many errors.

RouteGadget: Click here (not always available)

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A '
D Brownridge45.48
J Maher46.49
J Robertson56.26
N Barr63.09
G Grealy67.27
P Galvin68.23
J Flynn71.57
C Brownridge79.5
D BirchDNF
B '
Phil Robertson36.55
J Wilkinson46.04
M Browne47.39
P Hill48.09
W Williams54.44
L Edward55.06
T Haebich67.11
J Chellew68
H Jones73.31
W Barton81
S Keely85.02
D Searle110.38
I Johnson113.4
K and N Shanahan122.26
K Stuart125.38
N McGuckianDNF
P SearleDNF
T DavidsonDNF
M LieblerDNF
C '
M Fleming38.39
K Maloney46.53
R Glaisher57.21
J Hill67.32
J Cox78
D McArthur83.43
A Dinglefelder122.5
G Barker147
T Barker147
J FitzwaterDNF
D '
D McGuckian37
K, K, A O\'Dea45.5
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