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Map: Whites Ruins

Event details: Event:20081129

Commentary: The event was a 1 hour score. The start time of 8.10 gave 15 minutes of official daylight, 30 minutes of official civil twilight and 15 minutes of official darkness. Official darkness isn't pitch black, so next year the start will be 8.20! There were 22 controls for a total distance of 16 kilometres. No-one was going to get all the controls within the hour. This ensured that even the elite runners would be out in the dark. A bonus point system for the first to arrive at each of the five controls around the start managed to split the pack, so most people were running solo or in pairs. Bryan Keely grabbed the highest score, despite managing to arrive back a little late. He went on the east loop and this turned out to be the best strategy. Evan and David Burch took the west loop. This had the same point density and distance as the other loop, but it left a more difficult task to clean up the low scoring controls around the start in the last 10 minutes. Jymbo ran with Bryan, and managed to score fourth, despite being the only elite runner to miss out on a bonus point. His Garmin reccorded 13.2 kilometres! The southern bonus controls were grabbed by Toph and James. This was the least optimal exit route.

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Results: Results:

51 Bryan Keely 60.30

49 Evan Barr 59.51

49 David Birch 59.51

48 Jim Russell 60.00

42 Chris Naunton

38 Craig Feuerherdt 57.40

35 Aislinn Prendergast 59.19

30 Shane Keely 54.58

30 Roch Prendergast 61.08

27 Matthew Browne and Josh Lester 55.40

25 Charles Brownridge 56.02

24 Julie Flynn 55.50

22 John Wilkinson 55.00

18 Don McArthur 55.00

18 James Robertson 73.05 (-28 points)

14 Terry and Sue Davidson

14 Jenny Ball 58.38

13 Noel and Kath Shanahan

12 Phil Robertson 50.00

12 Ian Johnson 60.00

-15 Leanne Watkins 78.00 (-36 points)

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