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Map: Edwards Road

Event details: Event:20090321

Commentary: This event was a rerun of courses for an event cancelled last year because of a fire ban. It was hot again, and quite a few runners ran shorter than usual courses. Of those that kept to the usual distance, quite a few DNFed through heat induced stupidity or exhaustion.

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A '
James Robertson50.09
Phill Robertson61.22
Jo-Anne Keely66.23
Anitra Dowling74.22
David Jones74.37
Neil Barrdnf
Colin Walkerdnf
Craig Feuerherdtdnf
Peter Hill44.24
Steve Bird47.37
John Chellew53.52
Nigel McGuckian55.29
Charles Brownridge58.36
Peter Searle59.01
Terry Davidson59.41
Heather Jones59.49
John Wilkinson63.35
Wendy Stuart76.24
Jean O\'Neill77.53
Jen Ball81.15
Rhonda and Michelle82.54
Ian Johnson100.3
Jacqui Cox
Katherine McMillan
Viv McMillan
Johnathon Shanks11.57
Lewis Family35.21
Liam Stuart35.28
Bianca and Pop Shanks41.19

Of course, what really counts for this event is the handicap results. Contrary to some belief, there is actually no single handicap system that has been used. The handicaps that have variously been applied have included a simple age based formula, a much more complex aged based formula derived from age class results (someone did a lot of work but the formula was eventually misplaced) and the normal club event handicap times. This event being a scatter rather than score, we had to do some re-thinking. The method was as follows... 1. Adjust times for B course runners by a factor 15/11 to account for the fewer controls in the B course. 2. Adjust times for an additional factor (.086 per kilometre) to account for the fact that when you run a longer course, your kilometre rate will be slower. This factor was derived from a database of 425 orienteering performances by the master of handicapping, the ironman organiser. Distances for A and B courses were measured on OCAD using the control combinations of the fastest runners on each course. 3. Then applying the very simple age-based handicap system used for the previous Golden Sandshoe (2007 as 2008 was cancelled due to a Total FireBan) Here is the final result.

James Robertson 34.06
Peter Hill34.28
Phill Robertson37.88
John Chellew41.66
Anitra Dowling42.06
Steve Bird44.40
Jo-Anne Keely45.26
Peter Searle45.67
Terry Davidson46.19
Heather Jones46.29
John Wilkinson49.23
David Jones50.94
Nigel McGuckian51.80
Charles Brownridge54.73
Wendy Stuart59.22
Jen Ball68.90


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