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Map: Peter the Great Gully

Event details: Event:20090711

Commentary: A wet day by recent standards, but a good turnout for a 1 hour score event on Peter the Great Gully.

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Name Score Time
Bryan Keely590
Neil Barr520
James Robertson480
Phil Robertson480
Colin Walker460
Peter Hill460
Laurina Neumann460
Julie Flynn420
Paul Elam410
John Wilkinson390
Chris Creely380
Jim Russell37042.20
Matthew Browne370
Mark Hennessy360
John Chellew350
Dave Lotty320
Don McArthur310
Jen Ball260
Peter Searle260
Terry Davidson230
Troy and Kieren Henderson210
Anne Garvey200
Peter Galvin180
Riss and Laurie Leung110
John Shanks80
Sue Healy40
Ian Johnson
Christine Morris
Novice Course Time '
Molly Metcalfe33.25
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