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Map: Golden Square

Event details: Event:20100224

Commentary: It was a little disappointing to only see 10 starters for the first Street-O of the season. This was the first time that a map created from Open Street Map (OSM) data was used in Bendigo (perhaps Australia?). While the event organiser and course setter acknowledges there were issues with the contrast of colours on the printed map (and it lacked a legend), OSM (and associated tools) is a viable alternative to OCAD for creating high quality Street-O maps. Watch for an article in Orienteering Victoria and/or Orienteering Australia.

A challenging course utilising SI gear was set to give the faster runners a route choice challenge. Jim Russell got 220 points out of the possible 360 points and returned with a few seconds to spare. Neil Barr lost 20 points for being just over 1 minute late, ending with a very respectable score of 175. David Birch for some reason DNF'd, I am unsure how this is possible in a score event - perhaps the score was more embarrassing than DNFing?

RouteGadget: Click here (not always available)

Splitalyzer Graphs: Click here (not always available)


Name, points

Jim Russell, 220

Neil Barr, 175

Julie Flynn, 155

Charles Brownridge, 140

Louise Hall, 105

David Jones, 105

Diane Searle, 95

Heather Jones, 90

Lisa Linssen & Marlene Llewellyn, 50

David Birch, DNF (How is this possible in a Score event?)

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