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Map: Virginia Hill

Event details: Event:20100327

Commentary: Bendigo Orientshow 2010
The results are as best i can make out from the tags. If anyone has any corrections, feel free to email to orientshow2010 (at) fastmail (dot) fm

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Mens Classic 3.2k
Bruce Arthur17.29
Chris Naunton17.43
Max Neve17.47
James Riobertson18.39
Bryan Keely18.45
David Brownridge18.39
David Burch18.42
Warren Key18.56
Todd Neve23.11
Matthew Browne24.09
Chris Norwood24.31
Roch Prendergast26.31
Warwick Williams27.41
Craig Feurherdt28.55
Womens Classic 2.4k
Natasha Key15.15
Jasmine Neve15.41
Ilka Barr16.35
Vanessa Round16.43
Zoe Radford18.47
Laurina Neumann22.31
Clare Brownridge23.54
Hagaby 2.7k
Chris Naunton19.06
Bruce Arthur19.59
Max Neve20.13
Jasmine Neve21.12
James Robertson21.29
Matthew Browne24.09
David Brownridge26.11
Chris Norwood27.04
Laurina Neumann27.11
Vanessa Round27.14
Todd Neve27.19
Craig Feurherdt29.48
Zoe Radford
Warwick Williams31.38
Sue Key36.21
David Knight41.39
Julie Flynn45.45
Louise Hall47
Orientshow 3.5k
Bruce Arthur21.43
James Robertson23.23
Bryan Keely23.31
Chris Naunton23.57
Dave Brownridge28.51
Craig Feurherdt28.55
Jasmine Neve28.56
Chris Norwood30.31
Clare Brownridge31.26
Zoe Radford31.29
Matthew Browne37.57
Warwick Williams38.52
David Knight44.09
Sue Key44.59
Hard Medium 3.8k
Paul Elam60.42
Peter Hill65.37
Peter Galvin67.21
Peter Searle69.55
Daryl Fleay77.25
Kathy Liley80.37
Charles Brownridge32.44
Hard Short 2.7k
Phil Robertson49.11
Di Searle60.56
Anne Garvey79.31
Judy Hillmp
Moderate 2.2k
Rob Clark26.49
Laura and Phil Sparke36.42
Rob Hunt40.29
John Steer50.13
Caitlyn Steer52.58
Russell Bourke53.01
John Shanks58.48
Andrew Hunter58.57
Iris Barfelt and Joy Spark73.48
Judy Prendergastmp
Easy 2.1k
Declan and Lew De Vries24.56
Leisha Maggs25.47
Markeeta Rosenow34.48
Thomas and Jack38.17
Bernie de Vriesmp
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