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Map: Kangaroo Gully

Event details: Event:20100925

Commentary: “The Mars Bar Cup was introduced by Ken Thomas several years ago. Ken’s list of special category awards depicted his sense of ironic humour. The awards, however were never presented. There were never any winners (or losers) and the cup never existed. Ken’s philosophy was that to simply compete in orienteering meant that you were already a winner and no special recognition was necessary.”

This year Jenny chose a football theme (what else on Grand Final day?) – but there weren’t any drawn results! The results show points only, not necessarily in finishing order. Many thanks Jenny for a great event, and thanks also to those who helped put out and pick up controls – especially John Wilkinson.

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Results: Bryan Keely 230 points Laurina Neumann 230 Derek Morris 220 Peter Hill 210 Nigel McGuckian 210 Chris Creely 190 Amy Terry 180 Louise Hall 180 Julie Flynn 180 Don Cherry 180 Paul Leicester 180 Lawrie Edward 170 Charles Brownridge 170 Brendan Cherry 170 Harm Van Rees 160 Lewis de Vries 150 Terry Davidson 150 Peter Trounson 150 Bailey Rutter 130 Andrew Cameron 130 Sue Davidson 130 Riss and Deb 130 Judy Hill 120 Peter Creely 120 Lewis Cameron 120 Nic and Lachlan Cherry 120 Dorothy Adrian 110 Frank Fraser 110 Steven Brench 110 Ian Johnson 110 Dianne Searle 110 Ashleigh Trounson 110 Colin and Henry 110 Michael Brench 110 Paul Adrian 90 Bob Leichester Lost card.

Novice Course Phil Ludeman 21 56 Lachlan Carr 22.00 Michael Loughnan 29 36 Jimmy Cameron 33.18

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