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Map: Wildflower Drive

Event details: Event:20101002

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Results: Results of Wildflower Drive Score event Saturday 2 October, 2010.

Two maps were available: one at 1:4000 with 20 controls and one at 1:6000 with 24 controls. Note that points are not necessarily in time order of finishing.

Nigel McGuckian 240 points Derek Morris 240 John Wilkinson 240 Paul Leicester 240 Daryl Fleay 210 Mark Hennessy 200 Charles Brownridge 190 Laura Spark 190 Peter Hill 170 Carol Coad 170 Michael Brench 150 Louis and Reuben Cameron 140 Louise Hall 130 Judy Hill 120 John and Dot Maguire 120 Bob Leicester 100 Jen Ball 100 Narissa Leung 100 Steven Brench 100 Ian Johnson 100 Jack Wigney 90 Leisha Maggs 90 Jimmy Cameron 90 Jane Mummery & Marnie Nolton 90 Thomas Wigney 50 Joanne and Don Cherry and family also competed but their score wasn’t recorded.

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