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Map: Myers Creek

Event details: Event:20110305

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A Time
James Robertson41.55
Laurina Nevmann43.30
Jim Russell48.13
Warrick Williams48.23
Nigel McGuckian51.03
Neil Barr51.19
Julie Flynn64.21
B Time
John Wilkinson49.10
Louise Hall49.33
Charles Brownridge52.50
Peter Searle57.12
Jenny Ball73.13
C Time
Andrew Cameron22.50
Louis and Reuben Cameron29.52
Bob Cameron and kids36.73
Carol Coad and Leanne Jones38.22
Alan and Bailey Rutter39.13
Di Searle40.42
Ian Johnson54.48
D Time
Tom and Jack Wigney51.04
Gillian Hume57.19
E Time
Sharon Bradley9.13
Jack Wigney12.57
Solomon, Anneke and Jane Cameron17.58
Thomas Wigney18.16
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