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Map: Golden Gully

Event details: Event:20110312

Commentary: Ten controls, four courses and the chance to run through scenic gold mining terrain. A fitting finale to our first Twilight Forest Series

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Course 1 time
Craig Feuerherdt27.00
Nigel McGuckian31.46
Neil Barr34.37
Bruce Patterson36.07
Julie Flynn36.12
Charles Brownridge39.57
Course 2 time
Peter Hill28.11
Lawrie Edward31.39
Louise Hall36.38
Prue Dobbin41.23
Peter Maloney50.45
Suzanne O\'Callaghan?
Course 3 time
James Lumsden-Hill19.45
Mai Wajima23.03
Jen Ball23.38
Louis & Rueben Cameron23.49
Bob Cameron31.00
Jimmy Cameron32.09
Nicki Gordon32.19
Andrew Cameron32.32
Judy Hill40.51
C & J Coad, L Jones41.33
Course 4 time
Wigney Family & Thomas Jack23.13
Sarah Hill & Adam Lumsden-Hill29.30
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