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This is the template which controls how the result pages are displayed. To use this template create a new page and then include the following code with the relevant information;

{{Result|map_name = insert the map name here
|event_date = insert date of event in YYYYMMDD format
|commentary = insert any text
|route_gadget = ID of the route gadget file ie 58 in http://www.bendigo-orienteers.com.au/gadget/cgi-bin/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=58&kieli=

Feel free to edit the code above and below to include more parameters. The order of the parameters are irrelevant.

Then paste the results underneath.

Map: {{{map_name}}}

Event details: Event:Result

Commentary: {{{commentary}}}

RouteGadget: Click here (not always available)

Splitalyzer Graphs: Click here (not always available)


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