Mandurang Wrap-Up

Coolibah Saturday 29 April.

The day was reasonably fine and stayed that way in spite of some very short misty periods early in the afternoon – a perfect day for wandering around this part of our bush. Colin Walker set the courses on the Coolibah section of the Mandurang map – the south east side, making full use of the subtle contour and well mapped rock feature. The area is deceptive in that it looks easy but, as several competitors found out to their sorrow, it is full of lovely little shallow gullies that look easy on the map but almost disappear when you are looking for them. About seventy competitors went out including a contingent of Outdoor Education students from the university.

Ben Goonan (Bgo) was first in on Course 1 with Lanita Steer (Dandenong Ranges) and Warwick Williams (Bgo) in hot pursuit.

Glenn James, one of Bendigo’s top juniors took out the honours on Course 2 forming a trifecta with Nic Cherry and Andrew Cameron. Lachlan Cherry beat his dad Don home by about six minutes but Don managed to maintain some superiority by finishing in front of daughter Karina and another of our talented juniors, Caitlyn Steer.

Warwick Davis, Tuckonie OC was first home on Course 3, closely followed by Archie Neylon (Archie’s mum, Rebecca also finished well on Course 5!) and the Camerons, Reuben and Bob; it was good to see Archie and his mum coming up from Kyneton and performing well on a rather tricky course.

Course 4 attracted four competitors with Richard Sallmann coming in ahead of first timer Rob Rigarto, Nicole Baxter and Bendigo club’s veteran Ian Johnson.

Jan Baxter took out Course 5 – well done Jan, followed in by Lauren Brunner, and, once more, a wonderful effort by Akira Hill guiding Nana Judy around the course.

It was a good day, thanks to a good map and really great course setting.

Jim Russell – Head Coach, Orienteering Australia

The Board of Orienteering Australia is very pleased to announce Jim Russell has been appointed Head Coach of Orienteering Australia for the remainder of 2016 and 2017. Jim brings an enormous amount of enthusiasm, passion and expertise to the role of Head Coach, through his vast experience as an elite competitor and coach of many national teams. Jim has been the National Development Squad Coach for the past three years and his appointment is a natural progression, providing stability to the OA High Performance program.

Bendigo Orienteers Inc. offers its congratulations to Jim: he is a long time and highly respected member of our club and has been an integral part of every major development that has helped us to become one of the top rated orienteering clubs in Australia. He is always ready to lend a positive ear to any suggestions that would help improve the efficiency of the club’s operation and the quality of our events.

Congratulations and well done Jim.


Victorian Secondary Schools Champs

Do we have great potential in our Junior ranks in Bendigo?!
Here are some results from the Vic Secondary Schools Champs in Melbourne last Friday.
Girls 13B
Amber Holmberg (E’hawk Sec) 1st.
Serryn Eenjes 1st
Caitlyn Steer 2nd (11 seconds)
Megan Bramley (E’hawk Sec) 1st.
Taylor Mackieson (E’hawk Sec) 10
Georgie Hall (E’hawk Sec) 12th.
Karina Cherry 1st
Lily Begg 3rd.
Stephanie Trew (E’hawk Sec) 7th.
Sarah Maggs (E’hawk Sec) 8th.
Lian Jackson (E’hawk Sec) 10
Emily Brown (E’hawk Sec) 11th.
Gemma Holmberg (E’hawk Sec) 3rd.

Boys 13A
Solomon Cameron 2nd.
Boys 14A
Jack Wigney
Boys 16A
Glenn James 2nd.
Henry Cameron 3rd.
Michael Loughnan 5th.
Boys Open
Jimmy Cameron 1st.

Congratulations to everyone who competed!

Black Crow Nominations

Note: As the custodian of the Black Crow archives I reserve to right to keep the names of the people nominated for BC’s in 2016 in the locked Black Crow Vault. They will be revealed at the official Club Presentations late in the year.

Black Crow 1. We’ll call this fellow Horace. He was at an event at Mt. Korong. Having finished packing up his car he was trying to decide the best way to turn the car around on the (very) narrow track. After a close inspection of the verge he decided, although rather thick sand, it was firm enough to do the full U turn and come back onto the track to exit.
Half way through the U turn he discovered that the sand wasn’t firm enough!! Lucky for him there were still some other people there!

Black Crow 2. This happened on a Friday and looks at the definition of “next”. Two men were arranging a meeting: Man 1 we will call ‘Fred’, Man 2 ‘Felix’.
Fred e-mails Felix on Fri 12 Feb and arranges a meeting for next Wednesday, 24 (as quoted in the e-mail); Felix says great, we can meet at my place – next Wednesday (sadly missing the ‘24’ bit). Felix contacts a couple of other people and passes on details of the meeting on next Wednesday (17th). So one other person rolls up to Felix’s place on the 17th — but that’s all –no meeting, but a pleasant chat. The next day rather terse e-mails were exchanged between Fred and Felix and all was revealed!
For using ‘next’ when it wasn’t the next, a nomination to Fred.
For not reading the e-mail properly and missing the date, a nomination to Felix.

Non Elite National Rankings for 2015.
The following Bendigo members were ranked in the best top ten of Australian orienteers in 2015 (note that this doesn’t include elites):
M10 Lachlan Feuerherdt 1
M10 Luke Feuerherdt 8
M16 Jimmy Cameron 6
M16 Glenn James 8
M35 Craig Feuerherdt 1
M65 Tony Radford 4
M70 Peter Searle 10
W12 Serryn Eenjes 3
W60 Alison Radford 7

Issue 11/14

The weekly e-newsletter of
Bendigo Orienteers Inc.
Issue 11/14: 2 April, 2014
Contact (for this publication): Peter J. Creely: (Ph. 5443 1975)
Web site:

 Important! If you don’t want to receive the bulletin, or if, at any time, you wish to discontinue receiving it, please advise me by return e-mail and your name will be taken off my list.

The Black Crow is awarded each year to the club member who is responsible for the most spectacular misadventure of the year. The nominee this time is a Bendigo bloke living in Sweden — it may help some of us feel better about what we did to earn our nomination for the Bird.

The background… it’s the first significant relay of the season, so everyone is expected to make an effort for the club. It wouldn’t do to be late… jules refers to Julian Dent, another expat Aussie in Sweden .

“Orienteering race (måsanstaffetten) 48:08 [3] 8.8 km (5:28 / km). First spring relay of the season, i was on first leg for the 3rd team. had a pretty decent run, couldn’t get up near the pack early on and wasn’t running fast enough for it anyway. lost 40-50seconds in each of the circles at 3 and at 8, but apart from that i just wasn’t fast enough, finished 5-6 mins down. was running mostly on my own from 6 onwards with 3 or 4 guys behind and was pretty happy to pull that off without too much trouble. great relay on very nice terrain, the same map as yesterday but using nicer areas. Map:

Bad start to the day, had a bit of a daylight savings alarm clock failure. didn’t trust my phone to put itself forward automatically. so I put it forward myself last night and turned the auto settings off. long story short, the phone put itself forward twice so i woke up an hour early + the hour for putting the clock forward, (the equivalent of 4.30am). drove into town to pick up some others, no one was in the arranged meeting place when i got there (surprise, surprise) waited 10 mins then got on the phone to jules to blow up at him. he p***ed himself and told me to go back to bed and try again in an hour. swore a bit, drove home, had a power nap and a coffee and tried again with more success the second time. was a little suspicious when i turned on the car radio and got Saturday night deep house instead of breakfast radio.

Moral of the story, never trust a windows phone


Diamond Hill, Bush Classic 2. Peter Forbes put on a very interesting (and very well attended) event on Diamond Hill last Saturday. The assembly area was a first: it overlooked the Bendigo Lawn Cemetery (some would say that we had a preview of forthcoming attractions!). It was pretty hot and quite prickly in places, but everyone seemed to enjoy their outing. Anyway, the results and a full write up are on the web so read all about it there.


Victorian Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships 2014
Entries for this event are now being taken!

All event information and entry forms are available on the Orienteering Victoria website

The championships are open to all secondary school students and will be held on Friday 16th May at Plenty Gorge West, Hawkstowe. All juniors planning on trying out for the Victorian State Team should attend as it is one of the two selection races held in deciding the team to compete at ASOC in WA during the September Holidays.
Deadline for entries is Thursday 1st May.

Peta Whitford, Event organiser


Coming Events. Saturday 29 March.
Saturday 5 April. Bendigo Bush Classic 3
Smith’s Reef, Maldon
Organiser: David Brownridge
Course Setter: David Brownridge
Start: 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm
Courses: Courses 1, 2 and 3 difficult navigation, 4 moderate nav. and 5 easy.
Comment: Smith’s Reef – spur/gully with some old gold mining and a good track network.
Directions: From Bendigo : Travel to Castlemaine and continue on towards Maldon. After about ten kms (very approximate so watch out on the right!) turn right at an O sign at the old Gower School . Then follow O signs to the assembly area.
From Melbourne: travel via the Calder and Pyrenees to Castlemaine, then as above.

Next Bulletin 9 April


Come And Try It

Orienteering — what a wonderful way to explore Bendigo’s beautiful bushland!

With the ‘City in a Forest’ the bush is never far away and trying orienteering is as easy as it gets. Learning how to find the markers set for each event is made easy with initial help from members of the Bendigo club. People are also available at any regular Saturday afternoon bush venue to help you. In order to participate in orienteering you do not have to run – walking is fine. You can compete as a family, by yourself or you can go with a group of friends.

You do not need any special starting-off skills, there are short, easy courses suitable for beginners at every event and people there who will help you get started.

You will not need any special equipment or clothing. Wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes and clothing to suit the weather conditions on the day.

From the beginning of March until late November you can enjoy this activity close to or ‘in’ Bendigo. You can choose to attend weekly – or have the flexibility of choosing from our 2014 Events Calendar.

There are no age limits but children must be accompanied by an adult until they gain the necessary navigational experience to confidently find their way around in the bush by themselves. Having said that, orienteering is an excellent sport for kids once they gain the necessary skills and confidence. Non-contact, it builds self confidence, self reliance and self esteem. We have a pathway for kids starting off with our Space Racers program for primary school age through to our Junior Squad (JSquad) level that we groom for State representation.

For your safety and convenience for your first exploration, we have chosen a lovely piece of bushland out behind Strathdale, just off the road to Strathfieldsaye. It has a good track network and some small rock features; it is gently undulating with no steep bits and no thick vegetation to fight through. It is quite secure being surrounded by roads and other solid boundaries.

Saturday 1st and 8th March 2014, 10 am to 12 noon.


To get there, travel out Condon Street/Strathfieldsaye Road. Approximately 2 kms past the Reservoir Hotel (Kennington Reservoir) turn right into Guy’s Hill Road (Orienteering sign). After 1.8 kms (at the end of the bush/beginning of the housing estate on the left), turn left into Brentwood Drive (another Orienteering sign) and follow the signs to the assembly area.

Or check out Eventor