Ready to take on the spiderwebs

‘Twas the first official race in the club’s orienteering year,
Before midday the first runners began to appear.

They came from Bendigo, Melbourne and overseas,
Ready to take on the spiderwebs between the trees.

One third of all runners took part on course one,
Ahead of Mikkel, Aston and Ben, Brodie has won.

Lots set out on the loops of course two,
Morten, Andrew and Nic were the top few.

The mapper Alex showed up for course three,
He had a win. Next in line was Raelee.

Yarra Valley did well on course number four,
But at the end of the day Jacqui came to the fore.

The kids all did well on course number five,
Ashley, Hugo and Isobel were in overdrive.

There were newcomers to the club who were out for a run,
I hope they found their way and had lots of fun.

Thanks to everyone who helped put on the event.
The satisfaction rate was close to 100 per cent.

Thanks for indulging my April Fools jest,
I think the idea was one of my best.


Clare & Charles


March 11 2017
Course setter: John Wilkinson

Today’s training course was held on old mining and bush terrain in Golden Square. Hot and dry conditions and challenging courses provided an enjoyable exercise for a small group of old and new competitors. Thanks to those who came and those who helped collect controls at the end (Peter Forbes, Jenny Ball, Terry Davidson, John Wilkinson). We were packed up and headed for home by 3 pm.

Course 1. 4 km
C. Feuerherdt 24.38 min
J. Cameron 26.10
A. Cameron 31.45
T. Radford 34.28
L. Maggs 34.38
W. Williams 37.01
S. Collins 41.16
T. Davidson 55.55
P. Lohmeyer-Collins 58.05
K. Liley 57.29 dnf

Course 2. 3 km
M. Loughnan 22.07
D. Eenjes 28.55
A. Radford 30.56
V. McMillan 35.37
J. Baxter 36.21
J. Carter 36.35
J. Ball 41.27
A. Walz 45.34

Course 3. 2 km
H. Carter 19.49
N. Brunner 22.08
S. Davidson 26.33
L. Cleary 36.13 / 17.10 (2nd run)
I. Johnson 43.23


St Just Point

The club’s first training event was on a brand new map between Bendigo and Eaglehawk on Saturday, called St Just Point.

Neil Barr had mapped and set some challenging middle distance courses on this previously unused mining terrain near California Gully. Around 30 people attended and enjoyed the courses despite the hot conditions. The training plan was for people to run their course twice and compare their performance on each. Only one person ran their course twice, the rest of us were too hot and tired.

A big thank you to the 7 members who stayed behind to help collect the 31 controls in the heat. It made this job much simpler for the organiser, and shared the load. Thanks: John Wilkinson (organiser and course setter for next week), Jenny Ball, Lorraine Leversha, Darren and Raelee Eenjes, Andrew Wallace and Jim Russell.

Full results available at the Results tab above;
summary results at

Julie Flynn

Neil Barr

Neil Barr

Vic Relays and the Rockhopper Trophy

The Victorian State relays are on Sunday 5th March (just under 4 weeks away) at Darebin Parklands. This is our chance to start the process of returning the Rockhopper Trophy to its rightful home. The more people who enter, the more points we can muster. A fun and social day that our club pays for. Your first step is to ensure you are a club member (a quick trip to Eventor will sort this) and then leave a comment or email Andrew Cameron at so he can enter teams. Teams can be serious or social. Deadline is by February 20th.

OA Merit Badges

Bendigo Orienteers would like to congratulate the following members who qualified for OA Merit Badges in 2016.

These badges are awarded to members who performed at a consistent level of achievement over a number of state and national level orienteering events.

Neil Barr               M60    Gold
Clare Brownridge        W21    Gold
David Brownridge        M21    Gold
Andrew Cameron          M45    Gold
Jimmy Cameron           M20    Gold
Don Cherry              M50    Gold
Karina Cherry           W16    Gold
Lachlan Cherry          M20    Gold
Darren Eenjes           M45    Gold
Serryn Eenjes           W14    Gold
Craig Feuerherdt        M40    Gold
Lachlan Feuerherdt      M12    Gold
Luke Feuerherdt         M10    Gold
Samara Fletcher         W16    Gold
Julie Flynn             W55    Gold
Peter Galvin            M75    Gold
Ben Goonan              M21    Gold
Richard Goonan          M21    Gold
Glenn James             M16    Gold
Leon Keely              M21    Gold
Michael Loughnan        M16    Gold
Laurina Neumann         W21    Gold
Archie Neylon           M14    Gold
Alison Radford          W65    Gold
Tony Radford            M65    Gold
Jim Russell             M55    Gold
Dianne Searle           W70    Gold
Peter Searle            M70    Gold
Caitlyn Steer           W14    Gold
Eleanor Williams        W10    Gold
Warwick Williams        M45    Gold
Charles Brownridge      M65    Silver
Daryl Fleay             M70    Silver
Peter Hill              M65    Silver
Leisha Maggs            W17    Silver
Nigel McGuckian         M55    Silver
Christopher Naunton     M21    Silver
Henry Cameron           M16    Bronze
John Chellew            M70    Bronze
Raelee Eenjes           Wop    Bronze
Hans Egefalk            M40    Bronze
Joshua Feuerherdt       M10    Bronze
Peter Forbes            M50    Bronze
Margaret Kertesz        W45    Bronze

We have not automatically purchased the cloth badges this year based on feedback from previous years. If you would like a badge, please let Nigel McGuckian know, or leave a comment on this post. There is no cost to you.